Why is my website not showing when I try to link Google Analytics and Google search console?

A couple of months ago, I was trying to link my Google search console account with my Google Analytics Account. I have both already set up but when I click "add" from Google Analytics, my website was not listed.

After research, I found out the reason my website wasn't appearing was because Google Analytics is not compatible with the "Domain" property in Google search console.

In other words, if your website isn't listed when you try to link them together it is likely because you added your website as a "Domain" property. However, for it to be linkable with Google Analytics, you need to set it up as a "URL Prefix" property.

So to fix this, simply add your primary domain into Google search console using "URL Prefix" (there is no issue with having both domain and URL prefix property).

Make sure you add the primary domain you use the most as the "URL Prefix" because you will only be able to link one in Google Analytics. So in my case, I would track https://uhded.com/.

That's it. After you verify the property then it should now appear in Google Analytics when you try to link it with the Search Console.

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