Automatically generate Lorem Ipsum with Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code comes with Emmet preinstalled. Emmet is a plugin that helps you write HTML and CSS easier using shortcuts.

Thanks to Emmet it is really easy to generate lorem ipsum. You no longer have to search for a lorem ipsum online generator.

Generate Lorem Ipsum with Emmet

To generate lorem ipsum

  1. Make sure you are on an HTML file (i.e index.html). This is because Emmet works on HTML files (or css files).

  2. Type lorem followed by the number of words you want (without spaces). I.e lorem20 would generate 20 words.

  3. Hit the tab button and the lorem ipsum text gets automatically generated.

So if you type lorem20 and then hit tab, you would see something like

Lorem, ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Molestias aut, repellat ipsum facere voluptate dicta obcaecati deserunt nobis suscipit eaque?

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