My favorite Chrome Extensions | Best extensions for Devs

Chrome extensions are useful for getting information from a page quickly and generally make your life easier.

The following list shows the extensions I use the most. They are useful for general development work, to help with SEO, or for general productivity purposes.

All the extensions in this list are free.


OneTab lets you save all the open tabs and puts them into a list that you can then access whenever you need.

As a developer, I always open multiple tabs when researching. With this extension, I can click on it and it saves all the open tabs in a list.

This extension also keeps your computer speedy as all the open tabs can use your resources.


Wappalyzer is probably my most used Chrome Extension.

Have you ever wondered what technology a webpage is using? Just click on this extension and it tells you all the technology.

For example, here is the tech it shows for my site:

Screenshot of Wappalyzer Chrome extension


ColorZilla is a simple extension that lets you get the exact color on any part of the webpage.

It's a useful extension for devs to quickly get the color of something.

This Chrome extension is the perfect one for productivity.

Do you find yourself often going down a Youtube rabbit hole, or just mindlessly watching videos?

With this extension, you can hide everything aside from the video you are looking for. No more recommended videos on the sidebar or videos on the homepage.

My productivity has increased greatly ever since using this extension.

Here is how my Youtube homepage now looks like.

Screenshot of Remove YouTube Recommended Videos, Comments Chrome extension

GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture

GoFullPage is a simple extension that takes a full-screen screenshot of the page you are on.

It's useful to send clients images of the page you are working on in one screenshot (pdf or png).


Loom is an amazing chrome extension.

It lets you record your screen, audio, and your face and quickly gives you a link to share the video.

It's so good, I feel it shouldn't be free 😂.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an extension for getting related keywords, long-tail keywords, and estimated traffic when you make a google search.

JSON Formatter

JSON Formatter shows JSON prettified.

If you are working on an API or just need to format the JSON showed on the webpage, this app makes it readable.

Screenshot of JSON Formatter Chrome extension

Marinara: Pomodoro® Assistant

Marinara is an excellent Chrome extension for productivity.

The Pomodoro technique helps you focus and avoid distractions. This extension makes it easy to implement it. Personally, I set it to work at 50 minutes each and take a 10-minute break.

Those are the top Chrome extensions I use. Check them out to make your life easier.

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