How to have paginated pages for your blog posts on Divi Theme

Recently, in one of my WordPress blogs, I wanted to switch my blog that uses Divi theme from showing "Older Entries" and "Next Entries" to having pagination. This way I can know how many pages of blogs I have. See below for what I mean.

Divi older and new entries pagination system

Switching to a pagination system is simple.

  1. Download the plugin 'WP-PageNavi' by 'Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan'. Activate the plugin
  2. You will be able to find the settings for this plugin under 'Settings' -> 'PageNavi' (as shown in my screenshot).

    WP-PageNavi plugin settings

  3. Customize the settings as you see fit. I left everything as is, but you can change the text that shows and other settings here.

After you do the above, this is how your pagination system will look like. Of course, you can customize it further through the settings and CSS but I left it like this.

Pagination with Divi using Wp-pagenavi

That's it. Your blog section should show pages instead of the "older entries" and "newer entries" which is the default for Divi.

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