Goals with my blog

I have always had goals to make money online. I have had multiple attempts at this but never took anything very seriously.

January 2020 I quit my job and decided to go all in.

My skills are in web development so currently the majority of my income comes from freelancing. With 1 or 2 clients a month that is more than enough for me and the rest of the time I can work on my projects.

One of my big inspirations is Joe from codingphase and through him I also discovered the indie-maker community and was really inspired by folks like Pieter Levels, Andrey Azimov, and Pete Codes.

I also recently joined Twitter and saw the many ways people are making money online and documenting their journey in public (like Gabriel documenting his journey with youngmakers ). So I have decided to do something similar with my blog.

My goal for this year is to make $700 a month from my various projects without having to freelance.

I really like Pieter Levels idea of 12 projects in 12 months but I am not necessarily making 12 projects the same way Pieter did. Even though I am into web development, not all my projects will involve programming because I find it very fun trying out different ways of making money. So I will be trying affiliate marketing, making niche sites (which I have had experience with in the past), Print on Demand, making tutorials, etc.

I think many people will probably disagree with this method and think its better to stick to one or two things but this is something I want to try and makes it way more interesting for me. Through this, I am sure I will find a method I really like and find success with.

The first project I have worked on this year is a website with my girlfriend. She creates courses for people learning Thai and we are selling the courses via Gumroad. Here is the website. I write some of the blog posts on the site as I am fairly fluent in Thai.

One of the new projects I am working on for May is a podcast website for Intermediate Spanish Speakers.

I will be blogging about the projects and side hustles I am working on and providing updates on what I learn and what is working at least once a week. I will categorize those posts with the category journey.

I will also post guides and tutorials on programming related topics that I learn.

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