How to transfer a Davinci Project to another computer?

Many times, I have started working on a project on my computer, and then I need to continue working on it on another computer. In this article, you'll learn how to move Davinci projects to a different computer.

Before we start, I recommend organizing all your project files (audio files, video files, images, etc) into a single folder. This will make it easy to send all the media to the other computer.

How to move DaVinci Resolve project to another computer?

To move a DaVinci project to another computer:

  1. Export the project by going to File > Export Project

    Screenshot showing DaVinci file -> Export project

    This will export a .drp file.

  2. Send all media files and the drp file to the other computer.

  3. On the other computer, open up DaVinci Resolve. In the "Untitled Project" (or in a new Project), right click and select "Import Project".

    Screenshot showing Davinci import project

    Here you will select the drp file you export from the other computer.

  4. Now, you should see a project that is missing all the media files. You'll need to select all these files, right click one of them, and click on "Relink Selected Clips".

    Screenshot showing how to relink media

  5. You should now have the project transferred, and you can start working on it.

Things to note

If you still see some red clips that say something like "1 of 1 clips could not be found", then that means you forgot to move that file over. Move it and relink the media following step 4.

I hope this helps.

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