My favorite people to follow on Twitter - Makers, SEOs, Educators

The following are my favorite people/ makers/ companies to follow on Twitter to learn from, get inspired, and to see what they are up to and creating.


Indiehackers is a great community of makers discussing what they are working on, what's working and not working, advice, and so on.

They tweet about success stories and how makers are monetizing their ideas. Whether its membership sites, newsletters, SaaS products, etc.

They also tweet advice from makers on how to get your first customers, how to increase pricing - basically everything you need to know to start your projects.

Pieter Levels

levelsio is one of the first people to inspire me to have the maker mentality. Pieter has made many successful businesses (nomadlist, remoteok, and others) and is a great source of motivation.

He codes using technologies he is comfortable with (one of his very successful sites was just an index.php file) and doesn't worry if its trending or not. This is a great mentality to have and shows that as long as you make a good product that works, it's all that matters. Users don't care what's the tech stack behind it. They just care that it solves a problem.

He tweets about projects he is currently working, how he is validating the product, and tweets live updates as he builds products.

Pete codes

Pete is another great follow. He has a site called No cs Degree where he interviews successful programmers without CS degrees.

He tweets general advice on how he has monetized his site through a newsletter and shares his revenue.

Pete, himself is learning to code. He sees coding as a tool to create what he wants but if he can accomplish it through no-code tools he takes that route. That is something I totally agree with and see many developers struggle with coming to terms with. They pigeonhole themselves and don't use already available tools because they think they have to make everything from scratch.


Samuel is a young maker I recently started following while I was learning Laravel.

He tweets about creating Tenancy for Laravel and general Laravel tips. He made a really popular thread on writing clean code with Laravel that I learned a lot from.

Overall, a really smart maker who I am sure I will continue to learn a lot from.

Arvid Kahl

Arvid is another maker I have learned a lot from. He tweets about how to start, run, and sell a bootstrapped business (conveniently the tagline for his book "Zero to sold" 😃).

He recently turned his HUGE guide on working on a bootstrapped business into a book and he has had great success and has tweeted about the entire process.

Charles Floate

Charles is an SEO who seems to have an uncanny ability in releasing E-books 😁. Seems like he has a new one every month (including free ones).

He is a very successful SEO who you can learn a lot from if you are into making niche websites and he often releases super informative twitter threads.

Povilas Korop

Povilas is an educator and maker. He has great courses (I have taken some of them to learn Laravel).

He has a lot of experience with freelancing and working on projects and often tweets very helpful advice.

Miguel Piedrafita

Miguel is another young maker who is really inspiring. He builds projects such as sitesauce and currently, he is working on a social media app.

He provides frequent updates and tweets about what he is working on.

Daniel Vassallo

Daniel is another one of my favorite follows. He is very open about everything he is working on and the revenue he is getting. For example, his AWS book and his how to grow a twitter follower course. He tweeted exactly what was working, if ads were providing results, where sales were coming from, etc.

There is a lot to learn from Daniel and inspiring to see how his first book was so successful (which he attributed to having a large audience in the first place.)

These are my favorite makers to follow on Twitter. There are many more but a lot of them don't tweet as much or instead of tweeting they update via blogs or other mediums, so I did not include them here. Perhaps in the future, I'll make a non-Twitter edition.

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