Teachable Course Length - Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension helps you quickly find out how long a teachable course is and how much time you have remaining until you finish the course.

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Find out the length of the course

You no longer have to add up the minutes manually to see how long a Teachable Course is or find out how much time is remaining to finish the course.

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Teachable Course Length

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  • Use License Key on any Chrome Browser
  • Know how long the entire course is
  • Get the number of lessons
  • See how much you've completed
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Frequently asked questions
What problem does this extension solve?

I have taken many courses on Teachable and always feel frustrated that it doesn't show the exact course length or how much of the course I have taken. So I would always manually add up this information to find out. The extension solves the issue with a click.

How to Install?

Go to the Chrome webstore and install the extension. Then click on the extension and enter the license key you got from Gumroad

I am defintely on a teachable course but the extension says "This does not appear to be a course from Teachable"?

Try clicking the extension again. If not, it is possible the page you are on unfortunately does not contain the length of the lessons. Please check my video to see what the page has to contain in order for the extension to work.

The extension is not working?

Restart your browser and try again.

This could be due to you clicking on the extension a bit too quickly before the page loads the necesary information. Just try clicking on it again.

Please contact me (uhdedev [at] gmail.com) if you cannot figure it out. Please note that if there is a bug or Teachable changed their layout, it can take up to a month for Google to approve the updates of the chrome extension.

What do I get?

You get a license key that you can use to activate the extension.

Is the payment system safe?

Yes, I use Gumroad to completely process the payment.

Where is my license key?

After purchasing Gumroad will provide you with a license key. You will also receive an email with your license key.

Can I get a refund?

This is now a "pay what you want" product but if you want that money back just let me know before 14 days.

Why is the percentage different from teachable?

Teachable shows you what percentage of the course you've completed based on the number of lessons you've completed vs number of lessons remaining. This extension will show you the percent completed based on time done vs time remaining.

Still have more questions?

Feel free to contact me (uhdedev [at] gmail.com) with any questions you have.