Week 1 - Journey update

First update for my blog.

I started implementing the Pomodoro Technique every day and can 100% vouch for it. If you are unfamiliar with it, basically you use a timer and work for 25 minutes, after the 25 minutes are over you rest for 5 minutes. You repeat this 4 times and then you can take a longer break. While the timer is running you feel completely focused. If you use Chrome I highly recommend this free chrome extension.

This week I worked on my first project since starting this blog. I made a Chrome Extension. It is for people taking Teachable courses. The extension gives you extra information on the course that Teachable doesn't easily provide, such as the course length, how many lessons the course is, how much of the course you completed.

Chrome has to approve submissions to their store and the extension was approved already 😁. However I found a little thing I wanted to add, so I resubmitted it. By my blog post next week, it should be completely live and I'll make a specific blog post for it.

I'll also be writing more articles about Chrome extensions as I learned a lot during the process. I already wrote one blog post about connecting gumroad api to the chrome extension to charge for the extension here.

Aside from the extension, I wrote content for one of my niche sites I am trying to grow. Also, I have been continuining learning Laravel as part of the #100daysofcode challenge. Follow me on twitter @bwedgarr if you want to get updates.

My goal for the upcoming week is to have a new niche site up. This one will be a Spanish podcast site for intermediate learners.

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