Week 2 - Journey Update | Launched Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension Launch

This week I launched my Chrome Extension - Teachable Course Length that I talked about in my previous weekly update.

I was caught by surprise when it was approved by Google within 3 days. From what I had read (and from a google warning itself), it usually takes 2-3 weeks. When it got approved I immediately wanted to post about it and so I rushed everything. I quickly wrote a tweet and put it on producthunt.

Even though it is a very niche product (I doubt non-programmers even know they are taking a course from teachable since the domains can be custom) and I know it won't gain any traction, I am sure I could have launched it better. I mostly just made the extension to build something I found useful for myself and to strengthen my "making muscle".

Lessons learned

  1. Don't rush a launch
  2. Do more research on how to post something on ProductHunt. I just made the account the same day and put it up there without much thought

I made the extension free for the first 3 days and I got 1 download 😂 and 1 upvote on producthunt. But it actually felt good that some random person downloaded it. It is now back to $3 for a license key.

This week I will write an article about what it is for and try to drive some traffic to the landing page.

Aside from the regular client work (which I won't really post about), I worked on content for the Spanish learning niche site I wrote about last week. I wasn't able to finish everything but it will 100% be live this week.

I also have been learning a lot more about SEO and have been using ubersuggest to find keywords to focus on for a niche site relating to learning Thai I am working on. I signed up for Neil Patel's email list and he sends informative emails. I recommend checking his training if you want to learn more about SEO or just checking out the free course here. I am not affiliated in any way, I've just been finding it very useful.

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