Why is the WordPress version showing as not updated on the WordPress dashboard but is updated in WP-CLI?

If you update your WordPress version via WordPress CLI and your frontend WordPress Dashboard shows a different version from WP-CLI, then it's likely because you have to restart php-fpm.

How to fix when WP Admin Dashboard says I have an outdated version of WordPress, but WP-CLI shows it's in the latest version?

A few days ago, I updated WordPress via WP-CLI. I then checked the version using wp core version, and it said I was using the latest version.

However, in my dashboard, it showed I was still not on the latest WordPress version.

To fix this, I had to restart php-fpm like this:

sudo systemctl restart php7.4-fpm

After doing this, the WordPress admin dashboard now showed I was using the latest WP version.

  • Please note, that your php-fpm version might be different, so make sure you do the sudo systemctl restart on the correct php version.

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