How to edit print file on Printful?

In this article, I will teach you how to change the print file in Printful on different colors of your items.

This is useful because if you have a design that you want to add to black and white shirts. Do you have to make a separate listing for the black and the white shirts? No! You can just make the light and dark version of the design and then just change the print file on the shirts.

This way you keep your listings organized and if you use Etsy you don't have to pay the listing fee twice.

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How to change the print file in Printful?

  1. Go to the Product in Printful. Find "filter by color" and select the colors you want to edit the print file.

    Screenshot of how to change print file in printful

  2. Click "Change print file"

  3. From here all you have to do is click "x" on the print file and add the new one.

    Screenshot of how to change print file in printful

That's it. If you have integration with Etsy, it will automatically update (although you may need to delete some of the pictures on Etsy and add the new ones if you already had more than the allowed pictures).

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