Best guide to Learn Print on Demand 2020

Full Disclosure: This article contains an affiliate link to the Print on Demand guide I learned from.

One of the purposes of this blog was to give an update on all Side Hustles I have been trying. One of those is Print on Demand.

To learn about Print on Demand, I purchased this Print on Demand guide from Side Hustle Site.

Ultimate Print on Demand Guide Review

The print on demand guide was thorough and practical. While reading it, I was putting into practice everything in the guide.

The guide covers everything you need to know to get set up and start making money. Here are some of the important things covered:

1. A working strategy and what platforms to focus on when you start. For example: Etsy, Amazon, Redbubble.

  • The different ways to earn money through Print on Demand (POD) and which are best for beginners.

  • You learn how to automate sales and build on your successful ideas. For example, if a shirt design is doing well, consider adding it to other products such as stickers.

2. How to register and set up your accounts (Merch by Amazon, Redbubble, Printful with Etsy)

  • You learn what information you need to fill out and how to optimize your store.

  • Choosing niches is also covered.

  • You learn how to look for and identify trends and evergreen design ideas

4. Lots of tips on optimizing your Etsy store

  • General advice and best practices for your store.

5. How to make the designs (free with tools like Canva)

  • He covers the tools he used to make the designs, the correct dimensions to use, and even how simple text-based designs can be very successful.

6. General tips and advice

After following the guide, I uploaded around 35 designs and 50 listings. I opened 2 stores (two different niches) and spent a few hours uploading a few designs. And as I show you in the screenshots, I have already sold over $220. Of course, profit (after Etsy and Printful's cut) is only around a third of that.

However, now I notice what has sold (the same 4 designs), I will double down on those designs and make similar designs.

Screenshot of how to remove background noise using iMovie

Screenshot of how to remove background noise using iMovie

I know if I want to scale and sell more all I have to do is create more designs and upload in different platforms.

This is to say, the guide works - everything you need is well detailed and you won't be left wondering what steps to take.

Check out the guide to see everything covered and included.

How Print on Demand works

What I have been focusing thus far has been primarily on the Etsy integration with Printful.

Etsy is a marketplace where people can search for items. Think of Etsy like amazon. Printful is the company that handles the printing and shipping of what you create.

The simple breakdown of how it works is

  1. you upload your designs to Printful and through the integration they get uploaded to Etsy.

  2. In Etsy, you finish the listing and make it live. That's it.

Aside from answering a question a customer might have, you don't have to do anything else. The Printful integration takes care of the printing, shipping, etc. All you do is collect the profits.

The idea of print on demand is simple. To give you a bit more detail on the entire process. Think of it like this:

  1. You find something that might be trending or an evergreen design.

  2. You create a design (I use Canva).

  3. You choose a product (shirt, cups, stickers, etc) upload the design to it on Printful (they handle the shipping and printing). You don't pay Printful anything until something sells.

  4. You finish listing it on Etsy (Etsy is the marketplace). You pay .20 cents per listing.

  5. Upload as many designs as you want (the more designs the more chances of sales).

  6. Printful and Etsy handle the rest and you collect the profits.

  7. Double down on designs doing well and create more products.

  8. Upload on other platforms like Redbubble for more chances.

How to learn more about Print on Demand

If you want to get started with Print on Demand guide, you won't go wrong. Literally, all you need to know to start is here in clear actionable steps.

If you want free resources, Marcus (The guide creator) also has a useful site and a free guide which you can find on the site.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review on the Ultimate Print on demand guide and learned a bit more about POD (print on demand).

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