My 2020 year recap

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Tech Skills learned

Other Skills learned

  • I can speak Thai fluently
  • I started learning Portuguese (B1 level)
  • Slowly learning Mandarin and Turkish as well
  • Handstands

Learning languages is a big passion of mine.

Things Built

The Thai blog is steadily growing.

This tech blog is fun for me to write. I have referenced my blog many times when I forget to do something. I have also gotten many DMs on Twitter from people who were helped by an article or wanted to ask a question.

The Chrome extensions were a start of making things and monetizing it. I didn't make much (if any) money. But it was good to put something out there.

I plan on building Affiliate sites and Shopify Apps in 2021.

How I made money


I left my job in January to freelance.

Most of my clients come from recommendations. I built sites using WordPress (using Divi), or static sites using Jekyll.

I also make sites with Carrd. I have gotten those clients through Fiverr.

At the moment, I am in the process of getting a part-time remote job. After freelancing for close to a year, I feel a remote job is better for me.

Dividend Income

This year I made $1,485 through Dividends. Meaning I got this income without selling any stocks. Dividends are paid (usually every 3 months) by companies you own for holding onto the company.

I invest through RobinHood. If you want to start, use my link to get a free stock:

Screenshot of Dividend income from Robinhood

If you are new to Dividend investing, I highly recommend watching PPCIan on Youtube. Almost everything I know comes from watching his channel.

Affiliate income

A small amount of income that I am looking to grow next year is my affiliate income.

I made money by promoting things I enjoy and use such as

A couple of months ago, I bought this Print on Demand guide (making money selling items on Etsy and other marketplaces).

Since buying it, I sell a couple of items (shirts, cups) every week. Buying the guide was a great investment.

Read my full review here.

Plans for 2021

  • Make more videos on my youtube channel (starting with a lot more Carrd tutorials).
  • Do remote work and less freelancing.
  • Make affiliate sites.
  • Create Shopify apps.
  • Learn languages: master Portuguese, continue learning Turkish and Chinese
  • Continue documenting everything on this blog

Other interesting things from 2020

I started the year in NY (where I am from). Then I went to Colombia in February, was stuck there until October due to lockdowns. Returned to NY and shortly after went to Turkey. Spent a month in Turkey. Now I am in Brazil for at least for 3 months.

This year I started using Twitter. I tried to tweet daily at first but it became too difficult. Now I don't have a set schedule.

I did start following many makers, which I wrote about in this blog post.

I limit going on Twitter to twice a day for a few minutes, otherwise I can spend too much time endlessly scrolling.

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